Day 114 - Pinterest Roundup: Kitchens

I'm never not fantasizing about where Mat and I will eventually live once we leave India and move to Manchester.  Our ultimate goal is to buy a house, something small and cozy but with enough bedrooms to accommodate family and friends when they visit, and eventually (hopefully) a little bambino.  

Though we disagree sometimes in our interior design taste (he loves bright color, while I see the world in whites and neutrals), one thing we agree on is that having a proper kitchen and dining space is of paramount importance.  We love to cook, for ourselves, and especially for our friends, and both feel that the kitchen space should be one that reflects our love of cooking and entertaining.  Someplace where we want to hang out, drink wine, and eat delicious things. 

Another thing we agree on is that we love deep, ceramic, farmhouse style sinks, like the one in the first image below.  We also love the idea of open shelves for dishes and glasses, so that everything is easy to find and within reach.  We both keep gravitating towards images of butcher block counter tops, too, though I want to make sure we'll be able to keep them in good shape (anyone has experience with this, please leave a comment!). 

I also know how lighting, artwork, and plants can liven up a kitchen, as I spent a couple of years transforming my sad little galley kitchen in Brooklyn into a space where I enjoyed spending time.  A pendant lamp, a framed poster, and a house plant made all the difference, as did a coat of dusty blue paint and a chalkboard wall. 

I'm excited that we'll get to start from an empty space and make it ours, wherever that ends up being.  For now, here are a few images that are inspiring my daydreams!  

Images are all saved to this board.  Click through for source.