Day 93 - Plastic-Free July Starts Now!

Image: UOSanDiego

Image: UOSanDiego

I feel like the last 92 days have all been preparation for this month.  I've been trying to become more aware of how much plastic I use every day, and to refuse single-use plastics whenever I can.  But how much have I really cut back?  If I added up all the plastic I've used in the last few months, I'd still probably be disappointed in the amount, especially after watching A Plastic Ocean and learning about how much of our plastic ends up in the ocean! 

So this month, I'm going to actually tally it all up.  I'm going to save every bit of plastic that I use, and see how much really accumulates over the next 31 days.  I'm sorry to say, I've already made a bad start today.  I was out shopping for a few things that I need for a wedding I'm attending tomorrow, and I missed two opportunities to refuse plastic bags.  Plenty of room for improvement here. 

Granted, living in India makes a zero waste lifestyle especially challenging, as it's often hard to make myself understood, and even when a language barrier isn't present, I find that most people don't understand why I don't want a plastic bag, or why I want to know how my apartment building recycles its dry waste, or why I don't want a straw in my drink.  

Nevertheless, I'm going to do my best.  I learned from watching A Plastic Ocean that the average person discards 300 pounds of plastic waste in a year.  That's 25 pounds per month.  How much plastic do you think I can divert from landfill in the month of July?  Can I keep my plastic waste to under 5 pounds?  


How about you?  How much can you refuse?  Can you keep your plastic waste to under 5 pounds for the whole month?  To under 3 pounds?  Can you actually manage not to discard any plastic at all?  

If you're up for the challenge, here's what you do:

  1. Go to The Sudie Mae School's Facebook page, and leave me a comment letting me know that you're in.  Give my page a like or a follow while you're there if you haven't already done so.  
  2. Put a post on your own Facebook page telling your friends you're taking the Plastic Free July challenge, and saving all your plastic waste to see how low you can keep it.  If you want, you can just re-post this one.  
  3. Tag any friends you think might be up for the challenge too.
  4. Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter by using hashtag #plasticfreejuly.  
  5. At the end of the month, weigh your plastic waste (including recyclables!), take a picture, and post it on The Sudie Mae School's Facebook page.  
  6. Whoever creates the least plastic waste in the month of July will get a massive shoutout on the blog and on all social media platforms!

Remember, every piece of plastic we refuse is one less piece of plastic potentially ending up in our beautiful oceans!  Let's do this!