Day 71 - Friday I'm Inspired: Rocket Science

There are a lot of zero wasters and minimalists out there on social media, but there are a few that stand out in my mind as exceptional, not just for their efforts at a zero waste lifestyle, but for their unwillingness to sacrifice style in the process.  One of my goals in all of this is to show that minimizing your impact and simplifying your life doesn't have to mean living like a Spartan in a bare bones house with no beauty or pleasure. 

One particular Instagrammer exemplifies this philosophy for me. Anita Vandyke (@rocketscience) is an aerospace engineer and medical student who happens to have the most stunning and inspiring zero waste images on my feed.  

During the month of May, she dedicated a post every day to one of Marie Kondo's principles, which inspired and motivated me to follow them as well.  I'm not alone in my love for this 'grammer.  Her 10k followers obviously agree with me.  

I encourage you to have a look at her profile and scroll through her pics.  I'll be amazed if you're not inspired yourself.