Day 37 - Confession: I Don't Like Homemade Toothpaste



It's a bummer to admit this, because making my own toothpaste was the first step I took towards a zero waste life.  I made a couple different kinds, and the one I liked best was a simple combination of coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil.  I bought the bamboo toothbrushes and gave it a try.  But the truth is, I've been falling back on my drug store toothpaste (which I had already purchased and didn't want to go to waste) and I honestly prefer it.  

It's not that I think homemade toothpaste doesn't clean my teeth as well.  The baking soda is pretty effective, and I've since learned that coconut oil is a natural tooth whitener.  It just doesn't have the same clean minty fresh feeling that I've become accustomed to after 31 years of daily tooth brushing.  A few times, I've gotten around that by rinsing with Listerine afterwards, which isn't exactly the most sustainable option either, as it 1) contains a load of unpronounceable stuff and 2) comes in a plastic bottle.  I'm currently looking for the right recipe for homemade mouthwash.  

So here's my compromise:  I will use homemade toothpaste once a day, and store-bought toothpaste once a day, until I run out of the store-bought toothpaste.  If I still am not into the homemade toothpaste, I will look for an alternative.  I know there are other eco-friendly toothpastes, powders, and tablets available in the world, but they may be hard to come by in India, and I'm not willing to have them shipped around the world so I can save one tube of plastic.  To me it's not worth it.  

I'd love to say that homemade toothpaste was the best thing I ever tried and what a revelation it's so easy etc. etc. but I'm just not quite there yet.