Day 56 - How To Repair Holes In Knitted Garments

Sweater with hole

While I was editing the sweaters section of my wardrobe, I realized that my fine gauge sweater had a small hole in it.  My first impulse was to throw it out or give it away, but then I thought, "Didn't people used to repair holes in knitwear all the time?   What is darning anyway?"

Turns out, darning is still a thing, though I suspect few people actually do it anymore.  But after some googling I found this very handy tutorial and gave it a try.  All you need is a needle and matching thread, a little bit of patience, and if your sweater is as fine as mine, 20/20 vision and a steady hand.  

The process basically consists of making very fine hand stitches in rows across the hole until you've closed it, then going back over your first set of stitches in another set of stitches at a 45 degree angle to your first set.

If you're like me and this is your first go, or your hole is an irregular size, there may be some slight puckering or gathering around the hole.  This can be semi-fixed by adjusting the thread tension with your fingers or steaming, but it may be slightly wonky looking.  Chances are though, it will look better than it did with the hole in it.  

Sweater with repaired hole

Fortunately, the patched hole on my sweater falls sort of in my armpit area, so even though it has some slight puckering as you see in the photo, you really can't see my imperfect handiwork when I'm wearing it.  Now I know the hole will not get bigger, and I will gentle handling I can get a lot more life out of this sweater.