Day 55 - Some Minimal Bedrooms I'm Loving on Pinterest

As the end of Mat's and my year in India draws nearer and nearer, I find myself mentally decorating our next home.  It remains to be seen where that home will be, or what it will look like, but I'm envisioning a light-filled, clutter-free space, with thoughtfully chosen (second hand) furniture, and art that brings us joy. 

Today I perused Pinterest for some inspiration, and found myself believing that a joyful space can be had without spending a fortune on the details.  

These three bedrooms have a few things in common that are worth noting: 

1. White walls.  

White is, to me, the ideal backdrop to whatever you put in the room.  It makes the room feel more spacious and light, and it complements whatever artwork or textile patterns you choose for the space.  

2. Carefully chosen artwork and textile patterns.  

A little bit goes a long way.  Without a lot of stuff cluttering up the room, a single dream catcher or wall hanging gives the room a decisive mood.  A single patterned throw pillow or a carefully chosen patterned duvet don't overwhelm the room with too much visual stimulus.  

4. Plants.  

I've never kept plants in my bedroom before, and now I can't figure out why.  If you look at these images and imagine them without the plants, the life goes right out of the room.  Plants are probably one of the least expensive ways to make a room feel inviting and cozy.  Never again will my bedroom be without plants. 

5. Thoughtful lighting.

You don't need a ton of light fixtures in a room, but make sure the ones you have are the right ones.  They can be as simple as a bulb hanging from a cord or a single bedside lamp, but they can make all the difference in the atmosphere of the room. 

In our next home, I'd like to DIY a lot of our decorating, including building a platform bed and making some of our own light fixtures.  What DIY projects have you done in your own home?