Day 43 - Friday I'm Inspired



When I decided to start this blog, I actually had no idea that "zero waste" was a thing.  My experiences in India made me determined to curtail what I buy, what I throw away, and how much energy and water I use, but I didn't know that there was an entire universe of bloggers, Instagrammers, and brands devoted to the same cause. 

I first googled "living with less waste" for inspiration, and the first blog I stumbled across was Trash Is For Tossers. I was blown away by Lauren Singer's mason jar and its four years' worth of trash.  I speak only for myself, but I think the reason that Lauren is inspiring to so many, apart from the mason jar, is that she doesn't appear to sacrifice style, comfort, or beauty in order to maintain a lifestyle that's consistent with her values.  Since I'm a person who loves clothes, loves a beauty routine, loves living in a beautiful space, this was very encouraging to me.

Similarly inspiring is Ariana of Paris To Go and her capsule wardrobe.  I was first turned on to the idea of an edited wardrobe after reading Marie Kondo's book, but Ariana takes edited to a whole new level.  Looking at her wardrobe piece by piece, you start to wonder how much you actually need or even wear half the crap you own.  Having a small wardrobe makes it easier to take care of, makes it easier to pack for vacations, and gives you money and space for more important things.  

This weekend I'm starting the project of assessing my wardrobe and editing.  I'm looking forward to the peace of mind of owning fewer things.  Have you ever thought about a capsule wardrobe?  What could or couldn't you let go of?  How may pieces could you survive with?  Would love to hear your thoughts.