Day 11 - Namma Metro

As mentioned in this earlier post, my company supplies me with a driver while I'm on my assignment in Bangalore.  I must admit, having a driver makes existing in India much easier.  The traffic is crazy, and the city isn't easily walkable - the sidewalks are often chopped up, covered with rubbish, streaked with urine, or beset with hazards like hanging electrical wires and rebar. 

Photo: @humanlovers


There is, however, a new and growing Metro system, which I'm happy to report is clean, easy to navigate, and provides a beautiful birds-eye view of the city for passengers.  I'd call it state-of-the-art, and much more user-friendly than New York's subway system.  

Mat takes the Metro to work almost every day, and there is a station about a 15 minute walk from my office building, so I decided to give it a go this morning.  I told my driver he was off the hook for today, and I walked through the park with Mat, hopped a train, and got off at Halasaru metro station, and walked to the office.

The ride itself was very pleasant.  The walk was honestly not great.  It was hot, the air was thick with smog, the sidewalk was (as usual) chopped up in a lot of places, it smelled of trash and piss, and at times I had to step off the sidewalk to get around groups of people, piles of clothing or garbage, and one disassembled rickshaw laying on its side.  By the time I got to the office I was sweaty, slightly nauseated, and I had stepped in something unidentified but wet.

But I hadn't burned any diesel.  

As Mat pointed out, I can't completely makeover my lifestyle all at once; I need to do it in small steps.  So until I can figure out what the ideal balance is for me in terms of transportation, I will commit to taking the Metro 1 day per week.  

It's not everything, but it's a start.