Day 4 - Shutting Down

I'm ashamed to admit, for years of my career, I left my computer on every night and weekend.  I never thought that the energy savings of shutting down were too significant, but recently I've started questioning that.  



Tips and Tricks HQ did a great breakdown of the energy consumption of a computer consistently left running on nights and weekends.  Summarizing, here:

  • Energy Usage for overnight, 5pm-9am, 16 hours (Given an eight hours work day) = 0.082 x 16 = 1.312 Kwh
  • Energy Usage over five working day overnights = 1.312 x 5 = 6.56 Kwh
  • Energy Usage over the weekend = 0.082 x 48 = 3.936 Kwh
  • One working week Energy Usage = 6.56 + 3.936 Kwh = 10.496 Kwh
  • Energy usage over one year = 10.497 x 52 = 545.792 Kwh
  • A 19 inch widescreen monitor running on screensaver consumes about .05 Kwh energy. Using the calculations used for the Desktop CPU the annual energy usage for the Monitor = 332.8 Kwh
  • Total annual energy usage for CPU + monitor = 878.59 Kwh

For reference, a 100 watt light bulb running for 1 hour will use .1 Kwh of energy.  Therefore, the energy saved by shutting down your computer every night and weekend could run a 100 watt light bulb for 8786 hours, or just over 1 year continuously.  Furthermore, shutting down could save you nearly $100 annually in energy bills.  

So maybe the few minutes it takes to save and shut down are worth it?